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Kitchen Renovation, is it time?

Kitchen Renovation, is it time?

October 16, 2017

How many times have you sat at home and had a conversation about kitchen renovation but never do anything about it? You’re not alone. Across Australia, the same conversation is had at dinner tables each night. However, many people think it’s too daunting or expensive a project to be done immediately so it gets put on the back burner. There are indications that the time to update the kitchen can’t be pushed back any longer. Below are 5 signs that you need to renovate your kitchen right now:

Layout Drama

Perhaps the layout wasn’t ideal when you bought the house but you looked past it as it ticked most other boxes. Or maybe your needs have changed over time such as moving from being a single person or couple to a family today. Whatever the reason, a kitchen which is laid out impractically can be beyond frustrating! Therefore, it’s important to have an experienced kitchen designer assess your individual needs, space and requirements and design a kitchen renovation that’s perfect for you.

Past its sell by date?

Remember how excited you were when your kitchen had that new kitchen smell and was the envy of your friends and neighbours? Was that in the 80s, 90s or early 00’s? Think of the clothes that were in fashion back then too, would you wear them today? If you’re honest, your answer is likely a resounding no. Many things in life reach their sell by date at some stage and kitchens are no different, there comes a time when they need to be put out to pasture! The benefit of using a talented kitchen designer is that we keep our eye on trends within the industry to ensure your new kitchen stays as timeless as possible for the foreseeable future.

Time to sell

There are many things to consider when putting your home on the market in Sydney. One of the most important things to prospective buyers is the kitchen and no amount of freshly baked bread or bouquets of flowers can mask a dated or damaged kitchen. It’s a strong market here in Sydney and a well-thought out kitchen redesign can be recouped several times over in the final sale price of your property.

Broken or Damaged

It’s difficult to argue that it’s not time to overhaul the kitchen if the existing space is showing signs of actual damage. Examples could include broken or chipped cabinet doors, water damage or excessive wear and tear on splashbacks or benchtops. Kitchen renovation is needed here and it doesn’t get more black and white than that!

Storage Woes

There is some crossover between layout and storage in the kitchen. More people in the house, especially children, can mean many new types of food, cutlery, utensils and even appliances needed. What was previously adequate storage space is now bursting at the seams resulting in clutter and general untidiness in the kitchen space. A new well-designed kitchen can eradicate these issues while also keeping in mind future storage requirements.

Think of all the time you spend in your kitchen from cooking to dining with your loved ones. It’s important that you truly enjoy the time you spend in arguably the most-used room in the entire house. To speak to an expert in kitchen designs and renovations here in Sydney, give Elev8 Design a call or send us an email today!